Within the framework of our commitment to people, we try to apply the best practices in the identification, recruitment and loyalty of the necessary talent for business development, ensuring the principles of equity and non-discrimination for any reason (disability, age, gender , race, previous professional background, etc.).

Along this path, we have achieved multiple recognitions that value our effort to achieve and maintain our professional development and talent management policies, with a motivating, flexible and balanced, diverse and equal work environment in which there is constant dialogue. between the company and social representatives.

Seals and certificates

Top Wellbeing Company
This certificate, granted by INTRAMA, recognizes us as one of the 30 companies in Spain with the best practices in corporate health and well-being.
Empowering Women's Talent
This seal, awarded by Equipos & Talento, is a recognition of our commitment to the empowerment of women’s talent, based on their involvement in the development and leadership programme.
HDH 2022
The Human Digital Health Certificate, which recognises successful cases among the TOP Companies with the best practices in Digital Transformation, focused on people, corporate wellbeing and emotional health.
EFR global
We continue to hold our position as a leading company in Spain thanks to the good working conditions and our special commitment to and interest in people and their development.
Top employer
We continue to hold our position as a leading company in Spain thanks to the good working conditions and our special commitment to and interest in people and their development.
Code of Principles on Generational Diversity
Recognition of our strategic focus on people management, based on equal opportunities, impartiality and respect for generational diversity.
Corporate Learning Improvement Process
In 2018, our CLIP (Corporate Learning Improvement Process) accreditation was renewed for five years. It is awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in acknowledgement of the quality of learning processes and the development of people in business education organisations.
Recognition of our excellent divesity management as regards different abilities


Merco Talento
Once again in 2022, we were positioned among the top three companies in the energy, gas and water sector, occupying 5th place by number of employees and 34th place in the general assessment.
Actualidad Económica Ranking
Ranked 63rd among the top 100 companies in Spain for best practices, highlighting initiatives for talent management, training and improved employee experience, focused mainly on wellbeing and physical and emotional health.
Top Diversity Company
Recognised by INTRAMA among the Top 40 companies in Spain for commitment to diversity and equality, highlighting our 2022 programmes among the best practices to promote the value of "the difference" in managing talent and diverse teams.
Universum Ranking
Among the top 100 most attractive companies in Spain for business students in 2022, occupying 38th and 25th positions, respectively, among engineering and natural sciences students.


Global Council of Corporate Universities (GlobalCCU),
Winner of the top award in the Social and Climate Change Impact category at the 2023 Global Council of Corporate Universities (GlobalCCU), the global network of corporate university professionals.
Health and Company
Second place in this award from the specialised online publication RRHH Digital, highlighting the company's commitment to integrating training, technology, culture and regular listening as levers to promote wellbeing in the company, with a 360 degree commitment and vision.
Best health and wellbeing manager of the year
The Managing Director of People and Organisation was distinguished in the Top 3 best health and wellbeing managers of 2022 by RRHH Digital, in recognition of his leadership and innovative drive for programmes to improve the employee experience and wellbeing.
HDH 2022
First place in the ‘Digital transformation focused on human resources’ category of the Human Digital Health Awards, organised by INTRAMA.