REMIT. Integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market

Naturgy takes part in the development of competitive wholesale energy markets via mechanisms that encourage its integrity and transparency. Specifically, the Regulation of the European Union No. 1227/2011, on Integrity and Transparency of the wholesale energy market (REMIT) obliges generating companies, as market stakeholders, to effectively and suitably disseminate information related to the capacity and use of their electricity production, storage, consumption or transport facilities, including the planned or unplanned unavailability of said facilities.

The company, in compliance with current legislation, hereby publishes information on its generation units in Spain. The content and/or format of this data must be checked, as required.


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(*) Additionally, in compliance with Operation Procedures 2.5 and 3.6, scheduled and ongoing unavailability are published at the following link of the IIP Platform (Inside Information Platform) of OMIE-MIBGAS.


Market transparency – UMMS (Urgent Market Messages)

Article 4.1 of REMIT states that market participants should disclose in an effective and timely manner any information related to the capacity and use of their production facilities. 

UFG has contracted the IIP offered by MIBGAS and OMIE, and since 1 January 2021 all the information can be viewed at the following web address:

Article 4.1 of REMIT provides that market participants must disseminate in an effective and timely manner any information related to the capacity and use of their production facilities.

UFG, as a participant in the market, complies with the obligations established by REMIT and its Implementing Regulations. The company supports all initiatives that promote the development of markets and contribute to increasing competition.

As of January 1, 2021, European market participants must publish their inside information on an IIP (Inside Information and Transparency Platform) validated by ACER.

With the development of an IIP Platform, MIBGAS and OMIE offer Iberian market participants the following services, both in the electricity and gas sectors so that they can comply with article 4 of REMIT:

  • Publication of inside information.
  •  Dissemination of privileged information in a centralized and certified way through web sources.
  •  Storage of published privileged information and the possibility of downloading it.

Access to the information published in the IIP is public and free for all interested parties, not only for MIBGAS and OMIE agents, but for any participant from other wholesale markets, in order to promote transparency and dissemination of information centrally to as many users as possible.

UFG has contracted the IIP platform provided by MIBGAS and OMIE and from January 1, 2021 all the information will be available at the following web address:

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(*) These files reflect the existing situation on the date and at the time indicated therein. Up-to-date information by date and time on scheduled and ongoing unavailability can be viewed on the MIB-Gas website.