Circular economy and eco-efficiency

  • Promote the circular economy through the efficient use of resources (energy, water, etc.) and waste management to reduce environmental impact.


  • Promote renewable gas as an energy and storage medium to facilitate the transition to a circular and carbon neutral economic model.
  •  We constantly improve the eco-efficiency of our processes to minimise the environmental impact of our business by reducing the consumption of energy, natural resources and materials, and reducing waste production.


  •  We recycle and re-use the waste we produce.


  •  We reduce the intake and consumption of water, especially fresh water.


  •  We avoid using fresh water at our facilities located in water stress areas by treating and re-using waste water from nearby towns or industries as a form of industrial symbiosis.


  •  We foster the production of biomethane, a CO2-neutral renewable gas produced from organic urban, farming or agricultural waste based on a circular economy model. 


  •  We work with public authorities, associations and other entities to create and communicate technical knowledge to promote the circular economy.

Facts that support our commitment

* 2023 data
** Evolution in 2023 compared to 2017

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