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Natural capital and biodiversity

  Our commitments


  • To respect the natural capital, biodiversity and cultural heritage of the environments in which the group operates.
  • To advance towards no net loss of biodiversity, with a preventive approach (impact mitigation hierarchy), implementing best practices and encouraging the creation of natural capital.

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Facts that support our commitment

Natural capital and biodiversity
* 2020 data
** Evolution in 2020 compared to 2017

Biodiversity initiatives

Natural capital and biodiversity have become strategic pillars of our environmental management, which is based on improving our impact on ecosystems through emissions reduction, resource consumption and waste production, as well as on carrying out direct biodiversity-related actions.

Discover our map of almost 600 biodiversity initiatives in all the countries where we are present, which includes a description of each project.


Biodiversity indicators

We measure the most relevant biodiversity indicators to understand and reduce our impacts in all the geographies in which we operate.



The creation of Lake Meirama in the valley of As Encobras, Cerceda (A Coruña) is one of the largest environmental restoration projects undertaken in Spain. The transformation of the former open-cast lignite mine into a man-made lake has created a large protected space, rich in biodiversity, which will increase the area's economic and tourism development. Lake Meirama is the world’s first artificial lake that could be used as a water reservoir for a large population, thanks to its high water quality.
In May 2020, the environmental rehabilitation project culminated with the transfer of Lake Meirama to the Public Hydraulic Domain.

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  • Grefa


    In 2016, we signed an agreement with GREFA to restore disused power sheds and provide breeding grounds and habitats for various wildlife species.
  • volunteer programme

    Environmental volunteering

    Since 2014, volunteers from the company have been carrying out actions aimed at improving the environments where we operate. 


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