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Natural capital and biodiversity

  Our commitments


  • To respect the natural capital, biodiversity and cultural heritage of the environments in which the group operates.
  • To advance towards no net loss of biodiversity, with a preventive approach (impact mitigation hierarchy), implementing best practices and encouraging the creation of natural capital.

How we do it



Facts that support our commitment

Natural capital and biodiversity
* 2020 data
** Evolution in 2020 compared to 2017


Access our map of biodiversity initiatives in all the countries where we operate.


  • lake meirama

    Lake Meirama

    A new lake has been created during the environmental restoration of the Meirama mine, with work done on a total area of 1,000 ha. Almost half a million trees were planted and a space of enormous natural value was created that can also provide quality fresh water to more than 400,000 people. 

  • Grefa


    In 2016, we signed an agreement with GREFA to restore disused power sheds and provide breeding grounds and habitats for various wildlife species. 


  • volunteer programme

    Environmental volunteering

    Since 2014, volunteers from the company have been carrying out actions aimed at improving the environments where we operate. 



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