Naturgy launches new service to help companies reduce their emissions and save on their energy bills

• Through Naturzero, the Group will make it easier for its customers to calculate their carbon footprint and offer them a personalised plan to reduce or offset it efficiently.
• The proposal will include different solutions within the wide range of services to boost the energy transition offered by Naturgy, including photovoltaic self-consumption and renewable gases.

Naturgy has launched Naturzero, a new comprehensive service designed to help its customers reduce their emissions and save on their energy bills through a wide range of efficient solutions that seek to maximise the benefits of the transition to a low-carbon economy. Calculate, Compensate and Reduce are the three axes around which this new Naturgy service revolves. Through Naturzero Calcula, the energy group will help companies calculate their carbon footprint and offer them a personalised decarbonisation strategy in line with the guidelines set by environmental regulations.

Once the carbon footprint has been calculated, Naturzero Reduce will offer each customer a customised plan tailored to their interests to address the reduction of emissions, which will be based on different energy solutions within the wide range of services offered by Naturgy, including photovoltaic self-consumption or renewable gases such as biomethane. In addition, the Naturzero Compensa service includes CO2 offsetting or absorption projects to neutralise those emissions that cannot be feasibly reduced.

Actions to reduce, offset and neutralise the carbon footprint are the prerequisite for initiating climate change mitigation actions, helping to position a company in a market that is increasingly aware and values more sustainable organisations and products.

Many of these measures aimed at reducing emissions involve more efficient energy consumption in lighting, air conditioning, heating and transport, which translates into financial savings that benefit the consumer.

Naturgy wants to position itself as a strategic partner of its customers to address the decarbonisation process through its extensive knowledge of the energy sector and its commitment to offer transparent and beneficial solutions in the energy field.

Commitment to customers

Naturgy is committed to being one of the key players in the energy transition towards a circular and decarbonised economy model. Naturzero is a new example of how the Group puts the customer at the centre of its proposals, as a sign of its commitment and transparency in the current energy context.

Since the beginning of the escalation of energy prices, Naturgy has lowered the price to more than 2.4 million electricity and gas customers, representing 70% of its customers with tariffs not linked to the regulated market. These decreases exceed 30% in energy prices for 1.5 million of them.
Naturgy became a pioneer in September 2021 when it launched its Electricity Commitment initiative at €65/MWh for three years, aimed at offsetting the effects from the price of the electricitypool. The company offered its full inframarginal electricity generation capacity at a fixed price.

Later, in March 2022, Naturgy led the way once again with the launch of its Industrial Gas Commitment initiative. With this tariff, it offered its industrial gas customers a stable and competitive price in the current energy scenario, with a fixed price of €55/MWh until the end of 2025. It also offered two-year fixed price commitment initiatives to neighbourhood associations and small businesses.