Press releases

Naturgy and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have agreed a EUR 700 million loan, which the energy group will use to adapt its electricity distribution networks in Spain to further advance the energy transition and improve efficiency, service and quality of supply for the public. This will provide the company with additional financial resources for the digitisation of its electricity networks and to improve its operational flexibility and efficiency. Modernising and improving the efficiency of the grid will also contribute to national and European Union (EU) climate targets.
Naturgy and Australian company Wildfire Energy have reached an agreement to research and develop a novel gasification technology —Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification (MIHG)— to obtain quality green hydrogen, with negative net carbon emissions, by processing a wide range of dry urban and agricultural waste.
Naturgy will promote the first BioGNL project in Spain as part of its commitment to the decarbonisation of the current energy mix and innovation in sustainability. BioLNG is biomethane, a renewable gas produced from the recovery of waste, which in this case is liquefied for transport to the final consumer. This process is essential to drive the decarbonisation of transport.
Naturgy continues to grow in the field of energy self-consumption with the launch of its Virtual Battery, a new product that adds to its solar proposal to offer its customers greater control over their consumption and help them save. With this new offer, Naturgy allows customers who have a photovoltaic installation at home to accumulate the amount corresponding to the energy surpluses not compensated in the bill as a balance in the Virtual Battery and use it to reduce the cost of their energy bills.
Naturgy Innovahub, el vehículo del Grupo energético enfocado en la investigación e innovación en tecnologías y nuevos modelos de negocio ligados a la sostenibilidad y la transición energética, celebra su primer aniversario con un balance de 15 proyectos industriales en marcha, la creación de dos sociedades disruptivas y un total de 20 startups incubadas en sus plataformas de emprendimiento.
Today, Naturgy released its financial results for the first six months of 2023 to the market, along with the strategic review for the 2025 horizon recently approved by its Board of Directors. These developments come after the company exceeded all objectives outlined in its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. The first half of the year was characterised by a decline in energy prices amid persistent volatility and regulatory uncertainty. In this context, the company increased its investments to progress in its industrial plan and played a crucial role in ensuring energy supply security in Spain. This involved supplying gas to businesses and ensuring the continuity of supply in the Spanish power sector, where combined cycle power plants played a fundamental role.
Biomethane Initiatives, a joint venture created a year ago by Suma Capital, a sustainable infrastructure investment management company, and SITRA, an industrial water treatment, waste management and bioenergy company founded in Castellon, has reached an agreement with Nedgia, the gas distributor of the Naturgy group, to inject 40 GWh/year of biomethane into its gas network.
Naturgy goes one step further in its strategy to boost renewable gas and will, in collaboration with AEMA Servicios Energéticos, construct a new biomethane plant in the Valencian district of Utiel which will have the capacity to produce 20 GWh per year. The project’s construction will commence shortly as it has the environmental licence and planning permission granted by Utiel Town Council and will entail an investment of €2.7 million. Its start up date is planned for the beginning of 2025.
Naturgy has started up two new wind farms in the Canary Islands, which means the energy multinational now manages 12 in the Canary Islands, with a total installed capacity of 94.8 MW. The two new wind farms are Agüimes (10.75 MW), located in the municipal district of the same name, and Camino de la Madera (9.2 MW), in Santa Lucía de Tirajana, both on the island of Gran Canaria.
Naturgy, in cooperation with Compost Segrià, Sitra and Servei de Gestió Ramadera, has started processing a new renewable gas plant in Torrefarrera (Lleida), one of the main areas of Spain when it comes to the generation of agricultural and livestock waste. A total of 18 million euros is set to be invested in the plant.