Press releases

The General Management Department of Regulated Business at GAS NATURAL FENOSA has appointed Raúl Suárez Álvarez as the new Director of Unión Fenosa Distribución, the multinational energy company’s distribution subsidiary in Spain. Suárez plans to continue the work carried out by the previous Director, Luis Zarauza.
GAS NATURAL FENOSA reached a net profit of 1.347 billion euros in 2016, which is 10.3% lower than the figure for 2015. The result is in line with the set forth in the 2016-2020 Strategic Vision that the multinational presented in May, predicting a net profit of between 1.3 and 1.4 billion euros in 2016 and 2017.
GAS NATURAL FENOSA is set to allocate 4.5 million euros to launch a new Energy Vulnerability Plan across Spain. The goal of the programme is to intensify actions already being undertaken, standardise the management of vulnerable customers and strengthen its collaboration with public administrations and Community Sector entities.
The Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline began operating in November 1996, so in 2016 this major infrastructure is now celebrating its 20th anniversary as one of the main gateways for gas coming into Spain.
GAS NATURAL FENOSA closed the sale of its 20% share in the Quintero LNG Plant, Chile, to Enagás Chile, after having received the necessary authorisations. The company Aprovisionadora Global de Energía, S.A. (AGESA), a company split from Metrogas, S.A. (in which GAS NATURAL FENOSA maintains a controlling share of 60.2% through its subsidiaries CGE Gas Natural S.A. And Gas Natural Chile S.A.), closed the deal for 200 million dollars.
The Board of Directors of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, meeting in special session today, agreed on the appointment of Isidre Fainé as the new Chairman of the Board and of the Executive Committee of the energy company.
Isidre Fainé, the new Chairman of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, with Salvador Gabarró.
The company Aprovisionadora Global de Energía, S.A. (AGESA), a company split from Metrogas, S.A. (in which GAS NATURAL FENOSA maintains a controlling stake of 60.2%), signed an agreement yesterday with Enagás Chile S.p.A. for the sale of the 20% it owns in GNL Quintero S.A. for the amount of 200 million dollars (177 million euros).
The Ordinary Shareholder’s Meeting, which was held in Barcelona today, approved a total dividend drawn against the 2015 results of 1 billion euros (one euro per share), an increase of 10.1% on the dividend corresponding to the financial year 2014.
GAS NATURAL FENOSA ends 2015 satisfying the objectives set out in the 2013-2015 Strategic Plan. In 2015, the multinational recorded net profit of 1.502 billion euros, an increase of 2.7%, with consolidated EBITDA increasing to 5.376 billion euros, above the 5 billion set out in the Strategic Plan.
The Chairman of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, Salvador Gabarró, and the Managing Director of the multinational and also Chairman of CGE, Rafael Villaseca, presented the gas infrastructure plan to the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet. Through the distribution companies Metrogas and GasSur, the Spanish power company will invest 700 million dollars (635 million euros) over the next five years to bring a natural gas supply to seven new regions in the country, as well as expand its use in those areas where it already operates.