Our business model is a benchmark in the power sector, where we generate, distribute and market electricity

We develop our generation activity with various technologies


We currently have a generation capacity of 6.4 GW and are well positioned. Our main focus is on growth in Spain, Australia and the United States, which will allow us to take advantage of generation investment opportunities in these areas.

Our generation capacity, dominated by combined cycle power plants, has the necessary flexibility to adapt to different market situations, making it a valuable asset in terms of making the most out of opportunities relating to the volatility of prices and volumes demanded in the electricity market.

We carry out electricity distribution activities in several countries and for various types of users


Third-largest operator in the Spanish market, where we distribute electricity to 3.8 million customers

Latin America

We have 1 million customers in Argentina and Panama


We hold a leading position in the markets where we operate, and we are efficient when it comes to the operating and maintenance costs of the electricity distribution business

We are leaders in the large-scale and residential consumption segments of energy marketing in Spain

20,6 TWh


Mass consumption and residential

We are one of the main players on the Spanish market, leaders in the consumer and residential segments with a total market share in Spain of 14.6%

Added-value services

We have a combined dual energy offering and a wide range of value-added services


Being leaders in the combined marketing of natural gas and electricity gives us significant advantages, such as being able to benefit from lower service costs, integrated customer service and lower purchase costs, resulting in increased customer loyalty

We respect the areas where we develop our activity

Our Global Environmental Policy establishes our commitment to the conservation of biodiversity and natural capital, paying special attention to the spaces, protected species and places where we carry out our activity.

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