Integrated health

We seek the integrated health of our employees, their families, collaborators and customers.

Healthy Organisation Model

In 2022, we made a qualitative leap forward by obtaining certification from AENOR as a “Healthy Organisation”. It did so by evolving its management system from the previous healthy company model following World Health Organisation guidelines to a high-level organisational structure, thereby reflecting the company’s commitment to existing international principles and recommendations that seek to continuously promote and protect the health, safety and well-being of a company’s workers, their families and the different communities where the company develops its business activity, with the participation of all interested parties.

At the Medical and Integrated Health Unit, we promote excellence and continuous innovation to offer employees, their families, partner companies, customers and the social environments in which the company operates a global health and well-being strategy that covers everything needed for their benefit in terms of personalised prevention, promotion and healthcare and training and information on healthy habits, while keeping in mind the individual needs and specific features of each country.


The aim of the integral Health Teams is the promotion of the health and well-being of the people in the company, with special attention to individual and personalised care, always respecting diversity and the inherent differences between countries. Awareness-raising among employees and training in health matters are two important levers to promote our healthy culture and equip our employees with the skills required to support self-care.

Based on a dynamic model, and in constant search of new care methods that are accessible to our people, our success has been underpinned by making well-being a priority target, and therefore, for many years, during medical examinations and consultations, we have made available a series of preventive health campaigns available to all our employees.

The health workers direct these campaigns on an individual basis, according to each person’s biological characteristics and background, to combat the most prevalent diseases in our country.

Our integrated health teams aim to protect and foster physical, mental and social health in the communities where the company operates.

Awareness-raising campaigns.

Raising awareness among workers and their families about the importance of looking after their health.
Raising awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyle habits.

Preventive campaigns also for family members and friends.

From medical services, we also run prevention campaigns aimed at the family and the social environment of the people in the company.

  • Nutrition: Nutrition and healthy shopping workshops Healthy recipes.
  • Online physical activity platform for employees and family members.
  • Early detection campaign for eyesight problems associated with macular degeneration.
  • A multitude of informative actions regarding physical, mental and emotional health via webinars.

We not only involve the people that form part of our company in our policy but also suppliers, partner companies, customers and other stakeholders. 

We seek to ensure compliance with health regulations and to convey recommendations on healthy habits and well-being.

Because it is essential to be emotionally well for overall health. The Health Team not only looks out for psychosocial risks, but we also promote campaigns aimed at both the primary prevention of emotional disorders with emotional fitness and mindfulness workshops, and at secondary prevention, offering psychological support at the first sign of an emotional disturbance.